Randy, Cheri, and Young Master Garrett Rice

The Owners

Many of you will recognize Randy, he had been working on the Lois Ann for over 15 years with the Cochranes, both as a Divemaster and providing mechanical help when needed. Randy started his diving career here in San Diego over 18 years ago assisting dive classes at La Jolla Shores. Randy followed every divers dream; he bought his own boat to dive off of and make money with. He hasn't had a day off to dive since the day he wrote the check.

Cheri also learned to dive in San Diego, she just hasn't done it since. You don't see much of her, but she does sign the checks.

Garrett, doesn't quite have his sea legs yet....

Eric Mycroft

Lois Ann Manager | 100 Ton Master | Dive Master

Eric learned to dive in San Diego in 2003 and has been working on the Lois Ann since 2005. He has dove in Fiji, Indonesia, Hawaii and the Channel Islands but his favorite spots are easily in reach of the boat. He is thankful to be working the deck of a boat,he loves, in the beautiful San Diego sun.

Pamela Van Guelpen


Pam started diving in April 2004. After taking a study-abroad anthropology class in Belize for 6 weeks that summer, she started working professionally in a dive store in Northern California.


DiveMaster | Instructor

Shelby was born with a tank on her back and has been diving since she was 12. She is a PADI MSDT Instructor and has been working as a professional diver since 2011. Shelby has dove in hundreds of places, including under the ice in the Arctic on Discovery Channel's Bering Sea Gold, but her favorite diving in the world is here in the beautiful SoCal giant kelp forests. Diving is her first love and the Lois Ann is her second.

Karma Jewell Crampton

DiveMaster | President at Society Of Lady Divers/Lady Diver Magazine

I am a PADI Dive Master/Assistant Instructor here in San Diego. Scuba diving is my greatest passion! I've been taking visitors on local dive tours for many years. Whether we are diving exciting ship wrecks or exploring glimmering kelp forest, I'm there to provide a fun safe dive experience that you will not soon forget! I'm also an underwater photographer who has an eye for the hidden gems of our dive sites. I never know what I'm going to find but I always know what I'm looking for....

Brian Forman

Dive Master

After going from Open Water to Instructor here in San Diego, I headed straight to the tropics to teach on live aboard boats in Australia on the Great Barrier Reef. A year went by then I ended up bumming around Southeast Asia for a bit working as an instructor in Thailand. Now I'm back to my roots here in San Diego doing what I love. I have a strong passion for diving and love being underwater with the marine elements. I always make sure everybody has a good time. See ya down there!


Boat Mascot | Brains Behind the Operation | Dry suit Sniffer